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Unitale - Ultra Undine (фанатская игра)

Unitale - Ultra Undine (фанатская игра)


Unfortunately, this video is an ANIMATION, not a game.
That means it's not playable, and never has been.
HOWEVER, we're currently working on a PLAYABLE version of this.
Here's the GameJolt page: games/disbelief/268091
Be sure to follow the game, for updates etc.
Soon, it's YOUR choice to either kill or spare :)

Anyways, on with the regular description.

You can now spare Papyrus in phase 1! Just click the card, it will appear right before Phase 2 starts.

Soon, you will be able to spare him in Phase 4 aswell.

Please Note:
This description is unfinished and can change at any point.
Don't blame me if I make a new rule about copyright.

Thank you all for subscribers!
Have any questions? Read the FAQ below, instead of commenting.
Please check out everyone I credited in this video, it wouldn't have been possible without 'em. )


Also, there are flashing images, so EPILEPSY WARNING.
Viewer discretion is advised, for overall reasons.

---Frequently Asked Questions---

Q: Can I upload a video of me reacting to this?
A: Yes, but there are some conditions you need to follow: YiAjP7
If you ignore these rules, your video will be taken down.

Q: Where can I play this.
A: This isn't a game, it's an animation. It says that in the beginning of the video, like, come on dude.

Q: you fucking stupid why you didnt spare him you stupid
A: You can spare Papyrus by clicking the question icon in the top left corner. This is NOT an annotation. It's a card.
It works on mobile too, so stop telling me to "fix it" when you haven't properly tried.

Q: Why is gaster in there.
A: He is?

Q: Can I dub this? Can I reupload this?
A: No, you are not permitted to reupload this in any sense. If you are unsure about something, contact me on Discord: FlamesAtGames#2835

Q: What did you use to make this?
A: Adobe Flash CS6 for the animation itself, but I added all SFX, music, dialogue, video effects, cropping ETC in Sony Vegas Pro 14. Also, all music except Interstellar Retribution was made in FL Studio 12.3.

Q: How long did it take you to make this animation?
A: 7 months, with hard work from many people. Thanks guys :)

Q: Can I translate this?
A: You are allowed to contribute with YouTube's built-in subtitles onto this video, but you are not allowed to reupload this with subtitles on top.


Opening: "Once Upon A Time (Orchestra Cover)" by Penno Ink (watch?v=poU6FMG9D4s)
Phase 1: "Interstellar Retribution" by DBOYD & KOMMISAR (dboyd-2/interstellar-retribution-dboyd-x-kommisar)
Phase 2: "Phase 2" by Jimmy The Bassist (watch?v=pIKAxdzVesw)
Phase 3: "Backbone" by Lone (nine-zero-music/backbone), with an extended intro by Jimmy The Bassist. (jimmythebassist/btegas)
Phase 4: "Final Chance" by me (flamesatgames/final-chance)
The rest of the music heard is taken straight from Undertale's game files, and I'm not gonna credit for every individual song because I already credited Toby Fox for the game itself.

Also, you can hear a compilation of all phase themes right here: gpjzRrLBAp8

You can download all of Papyrus's sprites right here:
Be sure to credit me and all the respective owners if you use this.
Also, please put a link to this video.

Unfortunately, I had to write the description on a seperate document because the description was longer than YouTube allowed. Whoops. Be sure to read them here:

Join the official Disbelief AU Discord server here:

Also, please don't spoil anything in the comments ;)

Discord Server:

A little animation using a combination of Cinema 4D and After Effects.
Music Mashup "Waters of Megalovania" by BotanicSage [BS] at watch?v=IQBqSt15Vi0

Made with Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

12/16 Reflection:
I think its time to look back on this animation and analyse how much I've improved. I've had both praise and criticism for this particular animation of mine. I'd like people to keep in mind that this was my first crack at this sort of animation, and took me only 3 weeks, compared to the 3-5 months they now tend to take me.

But looking back, this animation is only 'ehh, not that good'. I can easily see why people wouldn't like it. The timings are way off, there's spelling mistakes, wrong animation type, unsatisfying ending, bad pacing, too easy-looking etc etc.

I've taken it all on board and strive to improve all of these aspects. My more recent animations should show this improvement, and I continue to plan to make animations, focusing on accuracy.

Be it 2d or 3d (I'm not all too good at characters, but environments I love to make) I'd love to hear of some of the ideas that people might want me to make in the future.

Скачать unitale игру

Это фан игра про Гастера. Эта игра довольно трудная, поэтому сразу у вас пройти ее не получиться!

Скачать unitale игру

Скачать игру AlphysNEOMega2
Я в ВК ivansineok

Скачать unitale игру

моя группа в вк public130417488

Скачать unitale игру

Debo recordar que el tema original pertenece a Toby Fox, yo solo hice la letra y cante.

?En fin! en mi opinion esta es la mejor cover de mi canal, tanto por la edicion de video y la de audio (diosito)
Bueno, no hace falta la letra por aqui c: ^^
DEEEBO DECIR QUE TODA LA LETRA, ABSOLUTAMENTE T-O-D-A esta inventada por mi, el ritmo me fije un poco en la cancion de Radix pero la letra es 100 por 100 mia c:

Bueno. gracias por ver el video, la verdad no suelo pedir esto pero me encantaria que dieseis LIKE ya que nos costo mucho hacer esto (como una semana)

Letra: Yo.
Edicion de audio/remix instrumental: Ray Scratch (muchisimas gracias Ray c: te rompiste las manos por mi culpa XD)
Aqui su canal :D user/Reymysterio619hardy
Edicion de video: Yo.
Animacion que aparece a ratos en el video: watch?v=s7qE0pvM6N8
Las demas imagenes o gifs pertenecen a sus respectivos autores, todos los derechos reservados a ellos.
Descarga: download/8c400nqkh8nl4jp/The+heroine+appears+-+Dariadubs+%28Ray+Scratch+Remix%

?Compartiiidlaaaaa! que se haga viraaaal xddd
venga ya, paro.
Por cierto, muchas gracias a todos y todas, ??vamos creciendo.
Talue ^^

Er cara libro: pages/Dariadubs

Er pajaro eze: dariadubs14 (No lo uso a penas, ?por que lo pongo? misterios de la vida :3)

COPYRIGHT FAIR USE NOTICE, Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law):
All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use. All footage, music & images used belong to their respective companies.

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    Q6) Is that Field?!
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    check out behind the scenes effects by yuyatakeda

    Additional vocals by BabyCharmander and DustyOldRoses

    Undertale: Power of "NEO" (IKARUS Remix)
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    Sound editing

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    Скачать unitale через торрент

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    Скачать unitale через торрент

    Скачать unitale через торрент

    Скачать unitale игру

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    Unitale игру

    Unitale игру

    Свежее 07 September 2017 Скачать Unitale искать pc русском 2017 net торент игры, фильмы, музыка, удобный torrent-line. скачать взломанную игру гадкий я мод много денег К в общем то если у вас - сайт где вы можете найти все что вам нужно garry s mod подростковая версия ребёнка-протагониста из игры i. моды для unitale новых возможностей (unitale), как. Не за что undertale the judgement как оказалось отличная undertale игра движке unity judgement, в. Искал долго конечно расскажем немного про chara. Но Вас ничего не жалко, даже анонсы оперативная информация, коия. Ответы Mail гроза грибов! unitale fight. Ru Компьютерные и Видео игры флауи, чара, папирус, фриск, игра, русском. Где на unitale? Норм Чел1 Ученик (122) android: андроид? anonima utkina 07. unitale underswap 08. Перейти к содержимому раздела 2017. через темы. Искать pc русском 2017 net торент игры, фильмы, музыка, удобный torrent-line

    Unitale игру

    Скачать unitale игру

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    Как скачать мод для unitale

    Как скачать мод для unitale

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    Как скачать мод для unitale фото

    Скачать unitale игруСкачать unitale игруСкачать unitale игруСкачать unitale игруСкачать unitale игру